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Teeth Bleaching Methods

Professional bleaching, contrary to rumors, does not affect dental health. It penetrates enamel only for a few tens of microns deep, removing from it the elements that give the yellowish color, remineralizing it after in the new color.

It is a non-invasive alternative to dental veneers when patients only want to change the color of their teeth and not their shape.

teeth whitening using zoom / beyond / advanced whitening uv lamp

The main advantage of whitening in front of the faceting process is that the teeth are not affected in any way and its effects are completely reversible. The disadvantage is that the bleaching solution cannot whiten the teeth as much as the veneers could.

Dental bleaching can be done in two ways: in the dentist's office by the dentist or at home by the patient.

The first method is done in a single session by applying a concentrated gel on the vestibular surface of the teeth and leaving it for 40 minutes (in two 20-minute rounds) while the Zoom / Beyond / Advanced Whitening type UV lamp activates it. We can also use Opalescence Xtra Boost, a substance that does not need a UV lamp (ultraviolet) to potentiate the effect.

The second method, done at home by the patient, uses two dental guides (upper and lower) in which a less concentrated whitening solution is applied and worn over the teeth between 4-6 hours (or even overnight) each day for at least 5 days. It can be done for an even longer period of time (over several weeks or months - with pauses) and you can purchase additional syringes if you want to bring the color of your teeth as close as possible to white.

The advantage of the first method is that it is done in a single session and for the best results we recommend the UV lamp method.

For the home whitening method, you need two visits to the office: in the first you will get dental impressions and in the second you will receive the guards with the bleach kit and the dentist will explain how to use them.

Professional teeth whitening - Dentist's Office

The difference between the professional and the at-home whitening is the much shorter time than the second option (one hour session), but with a higher concentration of the active substance (carbamide peroxide) followed by a slightly larger dental sensitivity.

dentists office bleaching

After professional tooth whitening performed in the dentist's office it is normal for the patient to experience an increased sensitivity teeth.

It is possible to feel temperature changes more intensely than before and you can feel from time to time some short but sharp pains (2-3 seconds). These zingers are perceived by patients for 2-3 days. It is advisable at this time to take anti-inflammatory pills (max 2-3 per day) and follow certain guidelines for the whitening effect to last longer:

• Avoid drinking food or drink very dark liquids such as tea, coffee, blackberries, cherries, cherries, etc. for 5-7 days.

• Do not smoke for 24 hours.

• Use toothpaste for sensitive teeth if the teeth show increased sensitivity to temperature differences.

To keep the new obtained color for as long as possible, try using toothpaste for whitening and reduce caffeine, wine and tobacco for a period.

At-home dental bleaching

Home bleaching is the method chosen by the more patient people. The symptoms are smaller than those in the professional bleaching carried out in the dentist's office.

If you have decided to go for at-home whitening, you'll receive a set of special trays and a teeth whitening kit. Leave a bit of gel in each tray and then apply them in your mouth. Trays must be worn for 4-6 hours per day, 5 to 7 days to get results. It is advisable to brush your teeth before inserting the trays, thus removing plaque for better efficacy of the gel.

home bleaching tray

After using the trays it is very important to thoroughly clean them for the next use. Wash the remaining gel with warm water and use a toothbrush to remove it since it will only dry and strengthen there until the next use and will be more difficult to remove and the whitening procedure will be less effective.

After each cycle of bleach, avoid smoking or cosuming any dark food or liquid such as blackberries, cherries, coffee, cola, tea etc for one hour.

To keep the color obtained for a longer time, try using whitening toothpaste and reduce caffeine, wine and tobacco.

Before using the home whitening kit, carefully read the instructions provided with it.

Last updated: March 4th, 2019

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