Best and Worst Food for Your Teeth

What food is the worst?

• Soda, even diet soda, contains phosphoric acid and citric acid which erodes tooth enamel over time and make them more sensitive to hot or cold temperatures.

bad food for teeth

• Gummy Bear, besides the fact that they have high sugar content and helps in the formation of cavities, are very sticky and can remove old restorations or fillings.

• Dried fruits also contain much sugar.

• Hard candy, not only for the sugar that is released continuously as they dissolve in saliva, but also because it can cause teeth fractures or dental restoration damage if chewed.

What food is the best?

• Cheese contains calcium and vitamin D and have an alkaline pH so it controls overall pH in the oral cavity. In addition it has antibacterial properties, so it helps protect against cavities.

best food for teeth

• Apples and other fruits or vegetables rich in fiber (such as carrots) greatly helps in cleaning the teeth, acting like little toothbrushes. However, it is recommended to brush well after eating because apples also contain sugar.

• Tree nuts, almonds and cashews are ideal for cleansing the mouth and the calcium and vitamin D contained adjust the pH balance of your mouth.

• Sugar-free chewing gum stimulates saliva production and helps to remove food debris from the surface of teeth. Gums containing xylitol are especially recommended because xylitol has antibacterial properties.

• Water is ideal for keeping your teeth and gums in top form. It helps remove food debris and maintains a good saliva production, especially if you have a dry mouth. In addition, fluoridated water also has an important antibacterial and dental remineralizant effect.

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Last updated: June 12th, 2015

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